Feel Shrine. An ambient record.

An album called Feel Shrine by an artist called Feel Shrine. Music that you can just as easily think to as you can sleep to. Either keep the volume low or turn it up really loud for different experiences. Music to support the causes of real Democracy and a free society. There are many albums coming. These albums will be in all the places.

Restabilization. An ambient record.

Restabilization by Feel Shrine. This one goes to different places, but in an adventurous, slow, droning manner. Sort of. Maybe. Kind of. Remember that a large group of people are being deceived, but not in the way that is being talked about. The people at the bottom of society pay for everything while having the lowest standard of living while the richest people and corporations pay either no taxes or next to no taxes. The rich despise everyone else.

Woodlawn. An ambient record.

Another album from Feel Shrine, this time, Woodlawn. This album drives around in the morning fog of San Antonio, Texas. Certain streets stand out in these morning foggy drives. Every time a person says "socialists and communists", ask them what the are talking about. See if it lines up with reality in any kind of way. Do some basic research for yourself, outside politics. It's the difference between eating fast food and a home-cooked meal.